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The Queueing as rolls you cant not fill is my hands down biggest rager. I am a SI healer I have 20k HP if your a tank with less and in dps spec you shouldnt be queueing to tank. Nothing I enjoyed more then the 13k Juggy tank with no shield in Heroic Kaon yea that was fun.
And what equipment does your inquisitor have? If my dps smuggler with Columi and 17k-something HP is any indication, you probably have Black Hole gear or so. I wonder if a fresh level 50 tank in Tionese gear has that much?

The example you gave clearly has no business queuing as a tank, but HM FPs are designed for Tionese gear, so if a tank in (sensible) Tionese gear shows up and knows how to play his role, you should have no complaints.