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I understand perfectly what he is talking about. 3 of my 10 level 50s are Sentinel, Marauder and Juggernaut so I can relate to what he means.


If there is a juggernaut in the team and a heavy armor piece drops the juggernaut should have it over a marauder, all else is pure wrong and considered ninjalooting. I would gladly support a vote kick if the juggernaut lost a heavy armourpiece to a marauder and ofcourse place the ninja on my ignorelist.

I have seen many take loot they cant equip saying they need it for the mods but it is still wrong and I will never support it. I still stand by my opinion that need is for the specific class and nothing else. If the player want a item for mods they can either ask the team or greed and hope for the best.
The problem with this is that in most cases the item is the mods that comprise it. For example, consider what a case where dps modded heavy armor drops. If there is a tank jugg and a mara, it is clear that the drop should be needed by the mara and greed/pass by the tank. This is true because its the mods that matter, not the shell (which can be reasonably considered worthless). Now if we have a dps jugg and a mara with the same heavy dps drop, the same argument applies. Both characters stand to gain exactly the same in stats, and both can "equip" the item on the spot (albeit the mara will take a few more secs to replace the mods). If you look at it from the upgrade perspective that need/greed is generally considered to imply, the only additional benefit the jugg would receive would be the empty shell. Logically, the empty shell is effectively cosmetic and therefore not something that you can roll "need" on by itself.

Your argument that "need is for a specific class" only is a general and uninformed statement that ignores logic and the mechanics of the game.