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Right. On that note, I know a ton of people who, like me, love the Seahawks. That doesn't make us Seahawk fans a majority of the people around. You have also again failed to realize that this thread is not a debate on whether or not SGRs belong in the game. This thread is about their misplaced priority. Please keep on topic.

It doesn't matter what department works on what. What matters is that it takes resources to put in the work. I don't condone any resources whatsoever going toward satiating such a small amount of the playerbase with SGRs over other much-needed things that resources could have gone to.
I've been saying this through multiple threads. The issue I have with SGRA has nothing to do with societal, moral, or political ideologies; it has everything to do with SGRA being a very poor use of finite resources.

The existing romance arcs are shallow at best. The have no impact on your character's overall story. The relationships developed with your companions are no where near akin to Anakin and Padme. Once played through they cannot be replayed unless you roll a new toon. It will not help this game grow in any measurable way and it caters to a very small, but vocal, minority.

When mentioned in fleet chat, most players are baffled that BW would waste time and resources on such a thing when so many other glaring mechanics are missing. Most people couldn't care less about SGRA in general, but, again, do care that the game lacks optimization and many mechanics. There isn't a single undeveloped mechanic or missing feature that should be placed on the back burner or shelved, even temporarily, for romance arcs of any kind.

Ultimately BW should've never introduced romance arcs. They've opened an issue that has no way of being resolved with both sides being happy. However, people interested in SGR are able to roleplay it with other players and/or have same gender spouses via legacy.

This is a Star Wars MMO not a romance simulator.
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