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Indeed. But let's play a mini-game here to make my point clear:

-You can make a massive announcement for all the internet (youtube, google....what you want).
-Swtor's fate depends of your announcement. If people don't join this game because your announcement SWTOR dies.
-You have to chose one of these features to announce:
- We have SGR.
-We have PVP space battles.

What would you choose?
Different Departments handles the Space Content and even then, writing what is said during the Space Missions and putting Voice Overs take less time then it does with creating SGR's. Even less time if they ever did PvP Space Battles. So yeah, that isn't exactly a fair comparison to use,

Oh and people wanting SGR's had waited a lot longer considering there is still Space Content in the Game, since the Game went Live. Now while there aren't any PvP Space stuff, there is no way to know that it is included in the SSSP. Speaking of which, the SSSP has it's own team devoted to it, so yeah.