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Good categories. However, amongst uber-focused Sith I missing Darth Bane, who is considered to be a Sith'ari.
Siths consumed by the Dark Side are just pawns to manipulate and kill, like Tyranus' bunch of Sith pets. Better self-control means tougher Sith and better chance to achieve the title of the Dark Lord. Always.
The fact is you have to look at it from a ideological perspective as well. Bane very much mastered his emotions, but not fully. After all what was the purpose of the 'Grand Plan', the 'Order of the Sith Lords'? To destroy the Jedi and place the Sith as sole rulers of the galaxy? Why? For what goal? Bane wasn't opposed to the corruption of the Republic, or a staunch believer in the effectiveness of authoritarian rules. He had no political goals or aspirations, and wasn't interested in achieving peace, or greater good for the galaxy. He just wanted power and lots of it, to fuel his dark side passions. In such a sense, the dark side controlled him.

I also think at least from an ideological standpoint, Vader would be in this 3rd section. Purely because he actually believed in the values of the Empire, and actually wanted peace for the galaxy. I don't believe he fell to the dark side for power, he fell because he wanted to save the woman he loved, and after that so he could achieve a government that he had always believed necessary for effective rulership in the galaxy. But he didn't achieve full control of his emotions, hence his rash move to kill Padme, that was the dark side controlling him. And after that is was as much coincidence than strength of will that made Vader believe strongly in the ideals of the Galactic Empire.

I'm also debating whether Plagueis should be up there. He did use the dark side as a tool to achieve knowledge of the Force, but that was more a hobby, his goal was the same as all the other Sith Lords. To destroy the Jedi and take control of the Republic. IMO that is not truly his goal, that's the dark side talking. Same for Bane. I mean if you strip away the dark side, would they be the same? What has Bane of Plagueis got against the Republic? Or the Jedi? Nothing I can really think of.

However Uber-Focused Sith doesn't = uber powerful. Traya was a formidable Sith Lord but she wasn't the strongest. In fact I think you need a trace of the light in you to achieve such focus, Jedi preached control over emotions, while Sith embraced them. This is why its very difficult, especially for powerful Sith, to control their emotions, without not using them. But if they don't fully control their emotions, their emotions will always partially control them. So I'd put Bane and Plagueis in category 2. I don't think many Sith ever achieved category 3. (Actually I remember one Sith Lord called Darth Vectivus, he was just a buisness man who used the dark side, he never let it control him) But yes, in order to become a true Dark Lord of the Sith you need to focus your power. But not even Darth Bane could achieve uber-focus. If anything the prophecy worked against him, as 'Sith'ari' he has already been labelled as chief weapon of the dark side.