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But conversely, if you had been on an alt when you bought that account wide cargo bay, you would have gotten a huge deal, the 2000000 credit bay for free.
No, you really wouldn't. Unless by "free" you mean "what you paid for" in which case you probably want to spend your next $10 on a dictionary before you get much older.

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The price per bay is already set, no matter how you pay for it. The second bay is 40k, third 400k, etc or cartel coins.
Which is exactly what is wrong with this system. The price in credits increases with each level but the price in Cartel Coins is constant. This means the value of each unlock varies drastically from character to character and from player to player. This makes the system inherently unfair. If the price in credits was the same for each level there would be no penalty based on when you bought the account-wide unlock (unless you had already maxed out a character but you can factor this into your decision). Unfortunately the price in credits increases dramatically which effectively penalises you (to the tune of millions of credits) for each character that has not bought the the cheaper bays before you bought the unlock.

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I personally think the cartel coins is a better deal, even if it does only save me 40k per character [sic], because any and all future characters [sic] i create will already have that tab unlocked, and once i buy all the bays with cartel coins, i should never have to buy another cargo bay tab again. The same theory applies to inventory space.
You are entitled to think what you want but it seems idiotic to me. Then again I don't understand why anyone gambles on the Cartel Packs. Personally I think saving 2m (or 3m) credits/character might be worth 1050 Cartel Coins (or 2100 Cartel Coins) but only if I used my complimentary coins! Unfortunately because of the way this unlock has been implemented this is only possible if you have unlocked the first 3 (or 2) bays on all 12 character slots and never replace a character.
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