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01.07.2013 , 01:00 PM | #90
^Have to be honest and agree about Kaylio. Rolled my first female toon (as a guy) and it feels like we have been flirting together even if there hasn't been any 'flirt' options. It almost feels like we're in a relationship already lol. So yeah the dialog does seem to leave that taste to me as well. I do find her attractive though, I just wouldn't call her 'the hottest'.

As far as the 'hottest', probably Kira get's my vote. Then it's a tossup beween Risha, Vette and Jaesa. I find the three of them attractive for different reasons. Nadia does nothing for me at all, neither does Ashara.

Haven't seen the Trooper or Bounty Hunter class yet so I can't comment on either of the romance options there.