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It's Crazy to think this company invested so much money. And seemed to over look one of the most fundamental factors in an MMO. Stable servers LOL. Some of the most basic of MMO's have that, have cross server queue's. Nuts.

The sad fact is, BioWare has most likely given up on this game (We won't see any real fixes) and is going to just try soak up as much cash from the remaining few of us still here, or idiots like me dumb enough to come back and resub up and pay for some cartel coins . My bad im supporting the machine of stupidity.

I even preordered there so called expansion, And I do so without even reading *** it was. My guess is there will still be nothing new with PvP even in this expansion .

What other games are out there to play Until ESO comes out or ArcheAge?? Sadly Nothing that I have found.

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