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Getting the same thing here. Plenty of funds in my account, no problems at the bank, etc. I even purchased a couple of steam games just to make sure. I called customer service and was basically told to call back tomorrow and speak to tier 2, which is never a good sign. What really burns me is that I have stuck with this game since launch. I've paid my dues, and I've purchased a ton of cartel points since the FTP transition. My subscription is set to re-up in a few days, if it is declined by this absurd glitch I'm just going to let it go.

I wouldn't be optimistic about a solution at this point. A quick google search reveals that this is a persistent problem for EA billing. I've seen this error reported over and over for the past year or so, and I've yet to see a single post indicating that the problem has been solved. All you are going to get on the forum is the standard "We can't fix account issues, call customer service" boiler plate. All a call to customer service will get you is "We don't know, try again later."

At this point I am disinclined to spend my minutes to get the run-around from some dumbfounded CSR that has no idea how to provide a real solution. If you don't want my money, I can find somewhere else to spend it.