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I'm getting excited about this. I was never a fan of how Tor-Fashion was just kinda all jumbled together and you had to just scroll through the mass of images and names hoping to find something interesting.
Like I originally said, major props to tor-fashion for existing at all.. but dannnnngggg filters are awesome. You'll be able to filter by every single option listed on the original post (see the first page form screenshot for a more visual idea).

I also have a full set in my Sniper i would like to submit, it's the RD-07A Vendetta set (head is hidden) as you can see in the image below:

I think I'll be setting up a thread in the next week or so so people can start submitting pics like you just did. At the moment I can't share the fancy form I use to put info into the database because it isn't very secure (aka you could add in a set called "***** *** ********'s Set of *****" with a 6MB image of a donkey attached) - but I could start collecting info/sets from you guys and start putting them in myself here and there.

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