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No, he's right. It's dumb that groups are punished for being "too good". It should never be that way where you have to do a complete DPS spot just so the scripted encounter can go through it's motions.

I also played in WoW and never had to have a raid say "woah, woah, slow down. Boss X has to do Y Ability before we push him to Z % HP left".

It's a bad mechanic.
To be honest, WoW has had issues with pushing phases too fast in heavily scripted encounters, though not to the extent it seems to be prevalent in SWTOR and most of the time it was more of a 'we must push X before the next Y ability, but not push X while Y ability is in use'.

The problem seems to be the use of inflexible rules coupled to fixed timings set in the scripting such that the encounter expects you to do everything the same way at the same speed along a fixed time path, and if you don't complete every single step (or allow the script to complete every single step) in the right order at the right speed, you will run into problems including possible having the entire encounter bug out.