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01.07.2013 , 09:22 AM | #10
Yeah, and this isn't just a problem only a few guilds are encountering per server. I've been in PUGs on HM EC and TFB and have had this happen even without ever going with them before. And honestly, the endgame should get a high priority because that's where everyone will end up when the eventuality of their leveling is over. Any fight where you have to stop dps for a second because you're dealing too much damage is poorly constructed.

And to the person who said the tanks need to learn better aggro rotations obviously hasn't played this game much. If you have a very geared sentinel, their Master Strike ability will rip aggro all the time, even from an absurdly geared tank. The game isn't quite balanced yet on certain classes, so aggro is always a problem. I've had guard put on me before and still ripped aggro on certain phases of fights. It's only a problem 2% of the time, but still annoying nonetheless.