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There is a reason resilience was changed from crit reduction. It heavily favored classes/specs that didn't need to crit as much or had less synergy for crit. For instance, if a class had an ability that procced of of crits, then you not only lower their dmg but also the chance of it proccing. That screws the balance up over a flat dmg decrease.
I agree with this.

WoW crits are also a lot higher compared to non crits. Whereas in swtor crits are still huge, but not that huge compared to non crit damage, because surge drs. Not to say damage is low here lol. Most classes normally see crits in this game that do 1/4 a person's health pool. Currently in WoW since the frost bomb nerf, I think only Boomkins and Destro locks can see that kinda damage on cooldowns when compared to health pools with one attack and massive set up.

Its not really fair to compare the damage to WoW though, because in WoW you don't have the taunt and guard mechanics (at least not on such a short cooldown) which is meant to mitigate a lot of the incoming damage to players in swtor. Unfortunately when a target isn't constantly taunted or guarded against, that target does insane damage outside of defensive cooldowns

Its almost the equivalent to a warrior in WoW with all his cooldowns popped and you don't disarm him and let him run wild. Well in this game, players pretty much have warrior cooldowns popped all the time, but your disarm is a really short cooldown. In other words damage is bareable when taunt and guard are being used and its insane when they aren't. That's really the problem. That and the health pools are much too small compared to incoming damage. Larger base health pools makes damage reduction from pvp stats like expertise a lot more important, because it increases your effective health and in turn lets expertise increases survivability while keeping healing in check. Its not a good game when healers can top someone off in 6 seconds and its even worse when someone can die in 5.