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01.07.2013 , 06:42 AM | #19
I realy liked the smugler story. Mainly because of all the flirt options. My scoundrell is a real don juan. I remember on tatooine at one point having 3 women on the sceene at the same time and i had flirted with all of them. No easy wa out of that one :P

Having said that i probably like my trooper playstyle more. Realy nice aoe and the only class with any real aoe at low levels. Also the trooper story is not as bad as everyone say. I quite liked it. Just dont be 100% light or dark. Play what feels right for your trooper. Especially if your light side.(like me) The last class quest i got i "had" to pick the dark side option. It just felt all wrong to go light side and if you do things that feel all wrong it ruins your story more that getting a few darkside points even when your lightside.