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Just a thought, but its my opinion that there are three types of Sith

Raw Sith: Those Sith who have completely embraced their emotions to the point where their emotions and the dark side controls them, dominates them and turns them into its own weapon. They are basically slaves to its will and lash out at anything and everything, they have no real plans or goals they just want to kill and destroy. Perfect examples of these would be Sion and Nihilus. Savage and Maul can also be considered to be 'raw Sith'.

Focused Sith: Those Sith who have honed their emotions and have some measure of control over them, however they are still driven by the dark side and corrupted by it. They are not mindless killers, but the dark side often takes over their will and drives them to seek power for powers sake. Examples of these would be most Sith such as Exar Kun, Dooku, Revan & Malak and even Sidious. They all sought power for powers sake.

Uber-Focused Sith: Very few Sith achieve this stage. These Sith have completely and utterly mastered their emotions. It is not the dark side that drives them, but their own will, they set out their own goals and plans, not the dark sides. They don't collect power for powers sake, they have a mission, and the dark side is just a way of achieving it. I can only really think of two examples of this, Darth Traya and Darth Vectivus. IMO all Sith should strive to achieve this position, otherwise the dark side will corrupt them and they will become its weapon, rather than the dark side being there's.

Insane Sith:A special category for Sith who have become so obsessed with attaining power and preserving it that they exist to do nothing else, all traces of their personality have been wiped clean. They are just power hungry maniacs beset with paranoia and a desire for more power. As you would expect, the Sith Emperor fits this category perfectly.