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Thank you for this thread. The idea of looking at (real life) physiological roots of Sith powers is fascinating. Some comments say it can't be done, and some that it makes sense. I am with the "mostly makes sense" group.

Humans evolved fear and anger for good reasons. These are survival traits. So, the basic premise is that it is adaptive to experience fear and anger.

In particular, I am thinking of very strong responses. Folk wisdom comes to mind. "Don't mess with cornered animals" and "mama bear" in particular. People (and animals) are capable of amazing bursts of speed or very strong fighting when scared enough, for themselves or their loved ones. You probably have some family legends about it. My mom likes to talk about the time she lifted a two-ton concrete block off my foot, when I was a toddler. I just had my foot stuck under, but my mom thought the block fell on me, got scared, and became super-strong for a second.

A strong electric discharge sometimes makes a person "fly away" many meters. What really happens is the muscles tense, all at once, way beyond their normal strength. It's like a Force Charge in real life. It can tear tendons and break bones and what not, so Don't Try This At Home (TM).

So in my headcannon, the Sith use the advanced versions of these real-life physiological reactions, in controlled and refined ways. This use of the Force still hurts their bodies, just like real-life feats of that sort aren't good for your health. But these abilities evolved because being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger is even worse, health-wise!
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