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Great post, i agree on almost everything, specially the more legacy bounded items, and ship customisation! if u are willing take a look at some other topics i have kept my eye on, seen very good sugestions on them too(some of them already mentioned here)

about legacy :

about weapons and lightsabre types and styles:

about companions:

planet sugestions:

About archivements; tittles, rewards, etc :

i would also like to add a couple of things.

on the bugs section u should include:

- Section X still has a bugged quest, i believe the name is: "March or the Dread Guard"
- "Sundering Strike" animation for the Jedi Knight is bugged
- Illium Map is bugged, the PvP area doesn't gets explored on the World Map, no matter how many times u enter, and walk trought it.

on companions:

- We shoudn't be forced to gift-spam them in order to gain enougth affection to advance on their conversations, something on this regard should be implemented.

- Not only the First companion should have a unique quest, each companion should have their story, and u should be able to help them; participate on it... not just get a fade to black screen when ur companions go on their so called "personal quest"

hope u get what i mean, am a bitt of a mess explaining things....

Hi, can you please give me specific details of the bugs? Such as what exactly happens and when does it happen or does it always happen etc ...