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Quote: Originally Posted by Majspuffen View Post
End game healers are extremely overpowered in pvp? Really?

You do realize that you don't even need to use your class interrupt to kill a healer in today's PvP environment, right? Two DPS will butcher two healers, if they use CC and interrupts. Heck, even without CC and interrupts, their damage could probably burn through a healer anyways.

The only time a healer becomes truly powerful is when coupled with a guard. Vice versa for tanks.
I should have been more specific on the topic. I play top level PvP and as a result I get to deal with the most intricate and elaborate opponents. When a healer specifically a scoundrel and Mercenary becomes guarded on both teams and the dps is equal, then the healers will just stand there and heal forever and that's no fun. Also, the Scoundrels and Mercenaries often make the PvP world extremely frustrating because they can have incredible heals and an incredible ability to avoid CC. That is why I propose that a system similar to the CC system be introduced for healers. But their talent trees should also make some of their abilities deal significantly more damage to compensate.