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I personally can't take seriously my characters unless they are pureblood sith or human on both factions.So all my chars are either one of these races.Not to mention if Kallig is your ancestor you can't be a twi'lek or rattataki .Also these races' looks as they are presented in the game can't be an offspring of parents of different races(except human or/and sith pureblood).They look enough pure to assume that both of their parents and way back are also your race.You can't be a twi'lek and Kallig being your ancestor and look the way twi'leks look in the character selection.But enough about that.

My inquisitor is pureblood sith .Yes there is some controversy.I am not entirely sure but i think they were not going to be pureblood sith inquisitors in the beginning but later the developers caved in under fan's pressure.

Pureblood sith were suposed to be the privileged caste/race whatever in the Sith society or at least several decades before the events in the game. So its hard to belive a pureblood sith is a slave.

I suppose my inquisitor's grand grand parents or grand parents(or all the way back to Kallig) somehow were enslaved and stayed slaves despite one of the parents or both of them were pureblood sith.Thats how my inquisitor ends up in the academy as a slave.
So yea i guess sith pureblood inquisitor makes sense.

Also one of the coolest things in the game is pureblood sith assassin looking like Vindican in the ''Return'' cinematic.