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Here we go again with the gear exaggerations. First of all, I've always been of the opinion that only bad players are blaming gear. There's obviously some math to expertise and I'm not questioning that but the issue is not as big as some people like to think, as long as you stick to normal warzones, which is what the vast majority is playing.
Um gear does make a difference. Not sure why you're saying only bad players blame gear.

Secondly, there wouldnt be this gear disparity you speak of if you could earn the same thing through PvP. It would give people the choice to gear up in the fashion they prefered, or possibly by mixing PvP and PvE. I don't really see how having to play both PvE and PvP for two different type of sets can be considered "content" when it's already possible to simply buy one of said sets on GTN.
The current system allows you to do what you want to obtain the gear you want. You want pvp gear? You do pvp. You want pve gear? You do pve.

In Vanilla WoW before resilience, it was you want to pvp? you do pve.