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01.07.2013 , 12:24 AM | #1
Ok, I'm an enormous fan of this game, and I played WoW before this one, but one thing I've encountered on 2 different bosses has been too much damage. I've been working on going through the HM operations, and I've noticed that both the Zorn and Toth fight as well as the Writhing Horror fight on TFB HM can be basically bugged by doing too much damage. In Zorn and Toth, you can push too many phases too quickly and have him jumping during a red circle phase, and for the Writhing Horror, you can rip aggro off a tank in the first 20 seconds of the fight, causing the adds to spawn prior to the red circles dropping on the flowers.

Now, my character has full DG and the other 3 dps in the group had minimum of BH gear with some DG, so we weren't even fully geared, but we have had these issues on both of these fights. How can you create a fight on HM that has a short enrage timer but you can mess the fight up by dealing too much damage too quickly? This has to be optimized to handle the highest level gear. This is an unacceptable bug, even if we were still able to just hold off doing certain abilities.