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PvP is unbalanced.

Melee tanks are underpowered and need a slight buff.

Shield generators should shield more against crits in my opinion. The concept of how shield generators work is a bit unrealistic. Shield chance shouldn't decrease with an attacker's critical rating. Shield generators having a chance to shield an attack makes no sense - it breaks lore; it should always shield, with the only variable being by how much. By making such a change tanks should be able to shield a bit more damage from those "mortal" crits. Also shield generators should be able to block a slight percentage of damage from kinetic damage sources.

End-game healers are extremely overpowered in PvP.

Maybe a system should be designed to treat heals coming from other players the same way as the CC resolve system does. If I saw corrently, It takes 4 very well geared DPS to take down 2 very well geared healers, otherwise they can stand there forever and just heal.

The Huttball Warzone ball throw mechanics need a makeover. It is extremely hard to throw the ball from one platform to a higher platform and to some other areas so I propose a new mechanic to address this problem. Make it so that whenever your mouse cursor touches a friendly player and you use the ball toss ability that the ball automatically throws to their exact location only if they are in range.

The game is too unrealistic in some areas.

For instance, take the faction fleets such as Carrick station and the Imperial equivalent; why are all 4 hangars on the fleets, named "Jedi Guardian Hangar," "Jedi Consular Hangar," "Smuggler Hangar," "Trooper Hangar?" Did Han Solo go "Hurry! Get back to our hangar; It must be this hangar because It says smuggler hangar!" ? What happens if an important civilian dignitary comes for a visit? Where would he land? I would personally like the hangar names to be code named, for example "Hangar Bay X31," and then subtitled below "(Jedi Knight Hangar.)

Another example is the expertise stat. During my SWTOR playtime, I have spent ages marveling at the story content, and have enjoyed myself in it. I have also enjoyed playing a huge amount of warzone matches because I am extremely fond of testing and developing my fighting skills. As a reward I got superb PvP gear which made me feel as if though I had really achieved something.
Unfortunately however, as I had soon found out, every operations and Hard Mode and Nightmare mode Flashpoint group turned me down to play with them because my gear which I had used in Warzones was inadequate. I immediately felt disappointed in the game because I had spent hundreds of hours developing my skills in Warzones and all of a sudden I was in a place where I couldn't participate in playing parts of the game because I simply do not have the correct "type" of gear, and it had become clear to me that skill no longer mattered.
This is one of my roughest proposals, but I propose that a special server be created where the expertise stat is removed from the game, and that different Warzone queues be made for people who have just reached level 50, and that another separate Warzone queue be made for the level 50s who have some of the best gear the game has to offer.

Can't we have an SWG type space experience?

Please add any information about needed improvements / old or persistent bugs or complements.
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I am going to comment on the pvp side of things where as that is the main thing I participate in at end game. For melee tanks being underpowered I agree with this wholeheartedly, mainly this is because nowadays everyone is stacking 35% + crit and if you do not have a high crit it is because your main ability autocrits *cough* focus/rage juggs. This makes tanks less tanky and a burden to heal seriously on my jugg tank I have like 2 pocket healers because I put guard on them and keep them alive so in any give warzone ill recieve 300k healing whereas dps will receive around 50-100k. As a result of this dps end up dying more because they really are not a priority to heal unless they push out a consistent 600+ dps then you'll have them prioritized after the tank and healers. Ultimately I love to play tanks/healers and feel tanks need some stat love because in some cases its better to put on dps gear. For the fact that with tank gear you really cannot hurt a fly in competitive pvp.

As for healers being really overpowered in endgame...My suggestion to you would be level a sorcerer and see how OP you feel.

I have 2/3 healers at 50 in full wh/ewh and I only feel overpowered taking damage wise on my merc if i have a pocket guard. With sorc/sage its almost a necessity to either run bubble stun or have a pocket guard. It doesn't take gear to take out a healer nor a multitude of dps. It just takes one sent/mara becoming best buds with the enemy healer to make their life a living hell to the point where the become ineffective as a healer and are only healing themself. Operative/scoundrels though are a pain to kill and require you to cc lock them at 30% and take them out in 3 GCD's.

As for the huttball passing idea...Great idea! Razer is one step ahead of you though You can macro it if you have a naga mouse. Now I understand this a bit unpractical for a lot of gamers out their but I guarantee you it will be quicker than waiting for BW to implement a change. As for the space idea, I love it and really hope/wish this is their pet project for space. Although it may be to late sadly :'(
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