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I will make an updated list of what i would like to add(with the links of the original threads explaining and expanding); some of the things i might mention might be already on the original post... i apologise if thats the case


There is so many buggs in the game, many of them has been present since the very Beta, that is almost hard to believe they still around.... Sometimes it feels like if there is 1 dev working on bug fixes, 1 on expanding the stories, and 50 devs working on Cartel Market?
  • Sector X still bugged since decades ago.
  • Illium Map still broken(PvP area not geting explored no matter what)
  • Not all Codex entries are unlockable(STILL)
  • Taxis still flash all the time while ur siting on them and are traveying anywhere! quite an inmersion breaker!


  1. - New Tittles:

I think we all will agree on that there are so many posibilities for new unique tittles, that require little work to implement, and would bring so much diversity to the game, and add so much joy to simple tasks such as exploration, that it almost feels as an insult to us loyal subscribers the addition of new tittles into the cartel market shop.... Only focusing on the BROKEN CODEX there are 100s if not more of posibilities:
  • Tittle for discovering all species
  • Tittle for exploring the entire map of all planets
  • Tittle for discovering all datacrons
  • Tittle for discoring all codex entries
  • and so on.. i think u get the idea


  1. -Expand the Legacy System:

There is so much to add, fix, change and expand on the legacy, so many posibilities and oportunities; so much to work on...
I personally would re-desing it completly, making it more similar to the skill tree:
  • For each level u gain on the legacy, u gain 5 legacy skill points.
  • 5 skill points for each level X 20 levels = 100 legacy points in total.
  • Each skill/perk would cost: 2 points the first tier, 3 points second tier, and finally 5 points last tier.
  • With special avilities such as the Rocket Boost, HK series, "Legacy Datacrons", Repair and Mail Droids, Training Dummies and GTN Console costing from 5 to 20 legacy points, the ammount of points depending on wichone, making u spare for a while in order to gain them.
  • Apart from those legacy point u would also require some small amount of money to unlock those more exclusive things mentioned above. The price should range from 50k-100K-200k-300k-500k depending on what. But still making it more open/avanible to all, contrary to the 500k, 1M,, 1.5M, 1M, 2.5M and 5M that some things cost right now(pretty damm expensive).
  • Include many of the Cartel market items(specially Pets, Speeders and Armour Sets) to be legacy bound, in stead of bound on equip, why? cos we buy those items with our real money and use them on a character, but as soon as we start a new character those items have no longer any use.... this making us think twice in the first place if wether or not re-roll a new toon.
  • Made datacrons into a legacy perk, as it was done with HK series, in my opinion gathering all datacrons is by far more tiresome and takes longer time than the HK missions.


  1. -Implement a proper archivement system into the game:

The same way that with the tittles, if use the BROKEN CODEX, much can be done in this regard, this would solve many of the late-game problems of people getting boring and having nothing to do. Something similar to the [VEHICLE] quest but with more variation and not everything being focused on WB and OP Bosses.


  1. -More flexivility regarding to weapon and classes:

The current system is quite restrictive, making us basically chose our class regarding of what weapon we want to use, class choosing should not be based on that. While some things makes sence, like only Troppers being able to carry Heavy Cannons, and Snipers using Sniper Rifles, others make little to no sence, for instance Sentinels not being able to use only 1 lightsabre, Assasins being forced into a double bladed lightsabre, Bounty Hunters not being able to use Rifles. and so on....


  1. -More Options regarding Companions:

The truth is we spend 90% of the game hanging around with them, be it because we like them or need them, the fact remains the same. Because of that, much more needs to be done with them:
  • The option to kill them for example should be added back, with the addition of new companions to remplace old ones.
  • More customizations
  • Redesigning the affection generator, so that we are not forced to gift-spam them
  • They should be visible in our taxy while traveling
  • 2-Seats Speeders should be added so they can ride with us
  • Secondary Companions should also have personals quest similar the the First Companion, not just fade to black screens after conversations
  • The option to see what gear other peoples companions are wearing
  • Companions should be made to feel more alive and less like robots, more dialogs, more animations.
  • They should be able to interact with Mission items, such as ordering them to open a door, use a terminal, ect so they can fully remplace a human m8


  1. -More Options regarding character Customization

This has been asked for since so long ago, and so many times !!!

Both while on character creation:
  • More face types
  • More hair styles
  • More Tattoo Options
  • More Jewerly Options

And ingame:
  • Barber shops
  • Body shop(something to act like a gym, so u can change the type of body ur character has)
  • Don't know if anybody here have ever heard or played APB, and APB Reloaded but hell, anythign similar to that, regarding character customization, would leave anybody spechless and more than satisfayed....


  1. -More options and flexivility regarding armours:

I think something in what most people will agree is that there is not enougth variety of good-looking clothes ingame, the end-game gear looks freaking ridiculous(seriosly cant be more ugly even if u try) There are not enought good looking Adaptible and/or Moddable gear around, so many people end up looking exact the same for most of the game. In stead of the devs spending so much time on adding the coolest Gear into the CM, they should add some ingame too, for those loyal subscribers who have been here for such hard/full of disapoitment year! Things we need:
  • I think the biggest example of what we need is the Hood Up and Dawn option, that was been asked for since day 1!
  • Adition of more good looking pieces of armour to the game, either loot rewards, quest rewards, for completing archivements or exploration. Make them Purple so that FTP have to pay extra to use them if u wish, i don't mind.... but we(subscribers) need fresh stuff in-game, not just at CM ...
  • Armour Tynt, yes similar to unify color, but allowing us to choose what color!


  1. -More Planets(and more content)

It is said that the galaxy is the limit., well it feels quite limited right now :/ There is so many places we would love to visit and explore, even if they don't have any class-related quest, even if they are not related to the Republic-Empire Conflict in any way, it does not matters, we want to be there! Not every new content and place has to be relevant to the war, and u know it. Places like Yavin 4, Dantooine, Ryloth, Genosis, Naboo, Kashyyyk and so, so many more places that have already been featured on previous games, movies and comics, so much lore to expand around, the planets are almost already created from the art and style point of view, all u have to do is bring them to life into 3D !
Am sure 90% of the people would love to see any of those i mentioned in stead of Makeb.....


  1. -Proper Space Combat

GOD, we been asking for something to be implemented in this regard since the BETA! i do know that to make it happen it will take at least 1-2 Years, since the scale of making a "new 3d open space combat system" would be equal to the making a new game, but at least we deserve to know if its been working on, if its never gona happen or what, i MEAN WE WANT SOME INFO; we are tired of living in the DARK!

... work in progress ....
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