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While it doesn't really matter to me what kill order is used, the one thing that *always* perturbs me is when someone runs up to the upper platforms: inevitably, they'll be the one called out resulting in the 2 untauntable bosses running all the way up there (and potentially back down if the rail person isn't inept and knows to take the fall before they're jumped and pinned) which splits the group up and cuts down on the damage the group is throwing out (even if you're burning the center boss first, it still reduces damage output because you're not benefiting from incidental AoE).
I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think incidental AOE damage outweighs the DPS saved from no DPS getting pinned at all. Particularly if you're in a PUG, no pins on a non-tank can make this fight go a lot smoother.

That said, no one (except maybe a healer) should be kiting these guys. DPS should stand on the railings and be smart about it, i.e. jump down before they're pinned, and then go stand on the tank so the mobs head back there. A DPS running around doing little damage might as well get himself pinned and prevent some chaos. And of course with melee DPS a pinning should just be expected.
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