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01.06.2013 , 12:40 AM | #18
well, instead of a specific operation or boss encounter, i'd like to see some sort of practice station, (or operation) that had little to no incentive gear wise but allowed a player, or group of players, to practice a certain boss fight or mechanic without wasting a whole raid groups weekly lockout.

i remember when my Vanguard (first 50) started raiding ages ago and after only 3 weeks or so the only other tank in the group stopped showing up. so guess who had to step in with only seeing the fights a few times and barely any tionese / columi gear to main tank EV. i know it was SM but for a noob being responsible for all those freaking wipes on Soa just because i had NO idea where those stupid pillars were coming from was annoying as hell. (by the way i did figure out how to play eventually but it took longer than in should of, mostly because i only got to practice once a week)

i think this would shorten the learning curve a little and result in some better players who only need a chance, unfortunately it also requires dev time so other things we want would be put on hold.