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Rationality need not apply to the Sith Empire but, from the mindset of the Sith at least, I don't really agree with you.

Anger and fear are very important to militaristic societies. In order to maintain order in the face of decisions that the Empire makes, you have to have a constant "enemy". Right now, anger and fear are directed at the Republic. (If you're thinking "How many Sith Lords have you seen that are afraid of the Republic?" I'll get to that in a second.) Even in times of peace, there has to be a threat, imagined or not. Anger and fear keep the Empire running.

From the perspective of an the Sith Order itself, the Dark Side isn't the Light Side. It isn't about to offer you something for nothing. The Dark Side demands fuel. The most available fuel for beginning Dark Side practitioners is fear. Fear of their masters. Fear of failure. Fear of death... so on and so on. So you get a taste of the Dark Side, and we all know that from there "forever will it dominate your destiny." And then it escalates. Fear gets you your start, and then comes the anger (hate -> suffering was it?). In the later stages of the escalations, the practitioner isn't himself anymore. And then rationality really does just go out the window.