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Let's see, Gault, Skadge, Guss Tuno, Khem Val... that's everybody I've hated so far.

My bounty hunter started out with always finishing the job. So not killing Gault when she caught him was completely against her code. After she met Torian Cadera, she became a Mando and adopted a Mandalorian honor code. So not killing Skadge the second he threatened an innocent woman was completely not her.

I know everybody just looooves Guss Tuno, but his sense of humor and mine/my smuggler's don't mesh. She's also on a roaring rampage of revenge against Rogun, which includes any- and everyone ever involved in his operation. So yeah, she killed Tuno.

Khem gets on my nerves. He's just so one-note. My inquisitor had him show her where the map was and then stuffed him back into his stasis field in case he turned out useful. Made the Fury wonderfully quiet. Also made her crazy happy when Andronikos wanted to tag along.

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