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Ravvok was half-done with his drink when he sensed it. Something was off in the room. He was either about to be attacked, or there was someone with dark thoughts. Ravvok focused himself and sensed there was someone coming up behind him. He swiftly whirled around just as his assailant pulled out a vibroknife and stabbed at him. He caught his would-be killer's arm and flipped him over. Two other assailants pulled out vibroblades and Ravvok drew his two lightsabers. He Force-pushed the two onto the walkway outside and jumped after them. Ravvok ducked, jumped, slid, and retaliated against the assailants. Eventually Ravvok disarmed one (literally) and finished him off with a sweep. Ravvok subdued the other and dragged him into an alley for questioning.

Who hired you? Ravvok asked. The ruffian was weak-minded, so he spilled his information. We were contracted by a Mandalorian bounty hunter named... ummm... all I know is tht his last name was Ravvess. He was pretty angry that you whacked his assassin droid. That's all I kno- the ruffian was cut off when a blaster bolt went through his chest. Ravvok looked up to see someone with a jetpack escaping. Ravvok was puzzled, and went back into the cantina.
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