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dont know why they did that in the first place
I'll tell you why: The PVPers complained that the consular animations for project took "too long" compared to the inquisitor's lightning. There WAS a noticeable difference, but the amount of times it would have actually MATTERED in PVP is so insanely small there wasn't a point in changing it.

So the devs caved in to the crying PVPers and changed Project to what it is now. Then the Sith Inquisitors, jealous that the consular gets new shinies, starts complaining that now THEIR versions are "too long" compared to the consular.

So the devs gave into the crying PVPers again and BAM. Now we have instant Force Wave/Overload, even though both animations look ridiculous and retarded. Gotta satisfy those PVPers that'll complain about a fraction of a second, because clearly PVP is what is keeping TOR alive.