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Why can nobody seem to grasp this?

Yes, you can get through your average hard mode without following a kill order, but guess what, it just means more stress on your tanks/healers.... you know, the ones who had to enter group finder for your queue to actually pop?

And then those tanks/healers get tired of having to work extra hard to babysit braindead DPS, and stop queueing altogether, or only queue with guildies.

So please please please, respect the kill order. Its literally no extra work for a DPS, and it makes life far easier on your tanks and healers.
It's amazing how bad the dps are in this game. I thought that most dps should have learned the correct kill order while leveling. Many classes don't get their healing companions until later in the game which should have taught them they will wipe if they aren't killing the hard hitting weak mobs first.

When I queue my healers for flashpoints I usually stay in the same spot tanking 4-7 mobs while the entire group runs ahead to the next group of mobs. At that moment I get all the mobs I'm tanking to the tank and let them use an AoE and then I vanish. I watch them all die. If they don't learn after that I put them all on ignore and just leave. I can't stand bad dps and bad tanks.