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01.05.2013 , 05:49 AM | #19
Risha is cute and all that, but man how boring...

When I first bumped into Akaavi (in the storyline) I didn't know she were to be my companion and though.
DANG......I want her!! For those (some) of us who like to work out....she's dead sexy.
God there's so many quotes that just has to stay in this game.......
My next door neighbor plays the game too (both vets from SWG) so we get it vented now and then lol many lvls later she turns out to be the best companion I have
Better dps even on single targets than Risha

Defiantly a wife subject..
Takes action, fit, dark, mysterious and introvert
Real 3D space combat system please!
Devs....You know what we want..And you know what? You even make us pay for it