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Species/Race: Chiss
Name: Lee'ona
Middle Name: none
Last Name: unknown
Nickname: dasher
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Age: approx 16 rotations
Height: 1.6 meters
Weight: 48kg
Hair Color/Style: shoulder length held back by cloth
Facial Appearance: freckled with a scar under her chin
Eye Color: red
Body Appearance: small
Home Planet: unknown, but first found on Hoth by republic researchers
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: Jedi order
Profession: padawan
Armor/Clothes: padawan learner garments
Primary Weapon(s): practice blade
Secondary Weapon(s): none
Miscellaneous Item(s): none

Found by two explorers researching the animal life on Hoth. Found a baby crying in a Wampanoag cave, likely the next victim. Raised for six years by the researchers while on Hoth, but when they returned to Coruscant to report their findings and ask for another grant a Jedi sensed the child's strength in the force and she was quickly brought into the order for training. Been there ever since.
Her masters believe she has potential and has a true innocence about her, but she is rash and too quick to act. They hope that with age and study she will outgrow these tendencies.