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And how much effect do you really think that would have on their effectiveness in PvP? Commandos are worthless in PvP because they are functionally a turret class without turret protections or burst mobility. 30% decreased damage taken while stunned or incapacitated isn't going to solve that problem. You're suggesting a miniscule situational buff that, yes, while it affects PvP *way* more than PvE, isn't really going to make an appreciable difference in performance. If it *did*, you'd see a *lot* more Tactics VGs (that actually get a 30% reduction in AoE damage *and* 30% reduction in damage taken while stunned) running around in PvP.
You seem to have an difficulty understanding the concept of marginal changes vs. absolute levels. Add an additional, i.e. marginal, +30% reduction in AoE and stun/cc damage to Tactics Vanguards, and you will see people switching to it. The point is that you CAN buff classes in ways that impact PvP and have minimal impact on PvE. Here is just a partial list of ways BW could buff classes in PvP-centric ways:

- Reduce the CD on Determination/Unleash/Escape
- Add damage resistance to 4 piece set bonus of PvP dps armor sets
- Increase radius of Stealth Scanner, make use of Stealth Scanner invisible to enemy players
- Increase effectiveness of snares for weaker classes
- Reduce CD of knockbacks for weaker classes
- Reduce buildup of resolve with the use of knockback abilities of weaker classes
- Increase snare time associated with use of knockback abilities of weaker classes
- Add root cleansing to an ability of a weaker class

There really is NO excuse for the current levels of PvP imbalance. Wait, correction. There is no good excuse. The claim that PvE restrictions prevent PvP imbalance is a bad excuse.