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01.04.2013 , 03:27 PM | #8
I am also having this issue, as are many others, and after several weeks, and working with Bioware CS, I am working with my ISP. they tried to deny a problem, as most will, but when forced had to admit they had one.
There is also a problem however in the LLNW servers, or Limelight. Networks. This is a large company using multiple server routers. It seems several of these "HUB" stations are getting overtaxed. I have, well forced, my ISP to deal not only with their own problem, but to file a ticket an work with Limelight. I am also contacting Bioware in regards to this.

Thought this may help to show it is not just a Verizon problem but from multiple hub port venders.

My thought, the hub venders do not want to repair or upgrade their systems to handle the traffic load, Suggested solution. Get on the hub venders non stop until they do their job.