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We attempted this 3 man yesterday, Carnage Mara, Bodyguard Merc healer and a Sniper. We only pulled it twice and on our closer attempt had 30k left before the healer let both of us die . We were pretty far off of enrage though, I was managing just over 2.2k dps and the sniper was sitting at 2.1k. mad props on the kill of that, the healing was insane.
Speaking of mad props… 2.2k *and* 2.1k! Wow. How on earth were you both sustaining that kind of average even through the carbonizer? The gunnery commando we had with us was pulling >2.5k between carbonizers (since he knew his ammo would regen), but there was so much downtime that his overall DPS didn't even break 1.3k. I guess having a Lethality sniper would help (since the dots continue to tick), but even still…

I express my sincerest sympathies to your healer. It's so hard to keep up with all that damage. I do think though that a merc healer is a really great choice for this sort of thing. An op might have an easier time with it (multi-HoTing and the AoE heal), but the merc's single target heals are so strong, it feels like a good fit for the fight. Best of luck to you!
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