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To clarify, are you suggesting the 2 swap stat only until the second male...
Or doing the 2 on boss whole time 2 on 2 adds and male whole time?
The strat I laid out is only for the initial pull and then the first Jealous Male. After that, just revert back to doing whatever it is you are doing now.

The "2 on boss, 2 on adds" isn't really what I was getting at though. Not least because I can't know what your raid composition is. Mainly it's a "mDPS on the boss/jealous male, rDPS on the small adds as soon as they arrive at the red circle". I only mentioned 2+ ranged DPS on the adds - just in case your raid group was largely melee. *Someone* needs to attack the small adds, but if you have ranged people - it usually only needs 2 (in an 8man group) to AoE the small adds down.

The sequence of events would be something like this :-

  • Tank-A pull the Boss.
  • When Tank-A gets 2x stacks of incubation, Tank-B takes the boss. This is very early in the fight.
  • Tank-A moves towards the ranged DPS and when the 2x incubations stacks spawn 2x add - the ranged DPS kill them and return to the boss. mDPS could help, but then why bother?
  • After a while, a Jealous Male and a red circle will spawn. Ranged DPS kill the Jealous. The red circle is ignored.
  • When Tank-B reaches 9 stacks of the incubation debuff. Do a tank swap.
  • Almost immediately afterwards, the 2nd Jealous Male and associated circle spawn. Tank-B picks up the Jealous.
  • Your mDPS swap onto the Jealous too. rDPS can stay on the boss. That's up to you**.
  • Someone goes to stand near the red circle and wait for the 9x stacks of incubation on Tank-B to trigger. At which point the person next to the red circle goes and stands in it - attracting the adds that spawned. When the small adds reach the circle, the rDPS stop attacking the boss and AoE down the small adds.

After this, everything continues as normal. Tank swaps happen each time a new Jealous Male spawns.

** -- We split our rDPS and mDPS according to target. With mDPS focusing on the 2nd, 3rd and potentially 4th Jealous Males. rDPS killing the 1st Jealous Male only and all small adds when they reach the red circles. If you have lots of mDPS or lots of rDPS, then my description is only a guide, not an absolute.

Just because we do it that way doesn't mean you have to. If you want mDPS to attack the small adds in the circle - fine. If you want rDPS to attack the Jealous - also fine.

We do it this way so that people are switching targets less and mDPS aren't spending more time than necessary running around. Reducing time lost target switching and moving are both ways to increase overall DPS.

As someone else points out, this only helps with this boss and only if you're consistently struggling with the enrage. There will come a point where you no longer need to do the boss this way and you can go back to doing "normal" tank swaps whenever a Jealous Male spawns. Not least, because this way is clunky and you'll need a higher level of DPS to kill the other bosses in TFB HM anyway.

I'm intrigued by the 1800+ DPS mentioned. That's not unreasonable given the amount of AoE involved. However, just in case it's linked to why you are hitting the enrage timer... I'll point out that you should only ever be getting the small adds to AoE down while a red circle is present. If you are getting adds to AoE more often, then it's likely you are doing tank swaps (or the tank is losing aggro/dying) too often.

Hope that clears up my advice and why it might work for you.

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