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01.04.2013 , 10:24 AM | #6
I wanted MMORPGs to experiment more with solo sequences in operations, so I was happy when I discovered a solo experience was available in EV. Now, I'd like to see them keep on experimenting with it. An emphasis on team play is good and expected, but we are all supposed to be heroes or villains, after all. Maybe some timed gauntlets, or any number of other possibilities. Instead of requiring everyone to succeed, however, I think it'd be more interesting to design for the possibility that some players will fail in their tasks, either by dying (temporarily, in terms of the operation, of course) or by failing to accomplish some goal that will make a future encounter more difficult (but not impossible). Imagine, for instance, failing to kill your target for the Infernal Council. Because of that failure, you either aren't available to kill Soa, or that Council member will become a part of the Soa encounter (and much more powerful, for whatever reason you care to make up). Just an example.

To be honest, though, I'd actually prefer if they focused on adding something I still can't believe isn't in the game--public quests (e.g. the rifts/invasions in RIFT). They add so much to a game, and there are so many interesting ways they could be incorporated into the current worlds. Plus, if they follow the model, some of those public events actually would be end-game content.