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01.04.2013 , 05:36 AM | #16
Just because you have multiple 50s..... you SHOULD tell people how to play their class. I have quite a few 50s and when I see I am having issues in a daily flashpoint I will not stand by and die pointlessly. All my 50s are Denova nightmare geared and they did not get there if I knew nothing of them. How many times have I been placed in the situation where I tanked with my scoundrel healer because the shadow tank in the FP was using taunts to generate aggro and had shadowstrike proc and shadow's respite in his build? I tell the guy that as a shadow tank, this is your build and rotation. Some accept it and say thanks, others like the OP, make a fuss about it and wipe on content that requires recruit to clear.

When I am with my shadow tank and I see that we enrage on freaking HK in False Emperor, yes that happened yesterday, and I am the only one left standing and kill him because of my gear, I kindly ask the sentinel if he knows his rotation. I play all specs, i know the rotations, it just a matter of procs and speed on he buttons. So the dude was kind of cocky until I told him the build and rotation he needed in ataru.

Bottom line, accept that you don't know how to play your class and improve your skill if you die from an enrage or you fail to heal your tank. If you prefer babysitting while I carry you in that Hm because my sentinel has 1060 bonus force damage, my scoundrel has 800 bonus healing or my shadow tank has 30+ defence, 50% shield and 31k hp, you are only delaying the inevitable when you end up in a group where you will be kicked for no reason and then wonder why.