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01.04.2013 , 05:22 AM | #10
Unless there is some special tactical reason, take the mooks down first every time. As a gunslinger[1], the vast majority of normal mobs I can take down in two hits (even one shot on a big crit). As far as I can see, removing them quickly is simple common sense, reducing incoming DPS and allowing the tank to concentrate aggro buildup on less targets.

Then again, I've been playing MMOs for years up to and including raid lead level.

I think that most players, if one takes the time to explain *why* something is a good idea, will rapidly change their ways and learn to play better. DPS may be an easy choice for an inexperienced player, but good well executed DPS really does make all the difference.

What never works is simply barking orders at people. No matter how good you are, treating people like idiots (or intolerance of newbies) will not get a positive response.

[1] I also tank on an inquisitor and heal on a sage.