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While I do understand this isn't it also a rule to attack the same target as the tank? So should the tank not be making sure they have these mobs targetted and only throw the occasional AoE or taunt at the gold instead of sitting on it's feet?

You can't complain about DPS ignoring targets if you are doing the same thing. Also maybe take it upon yourself to mark a kill order and see if that encourages people.
Other MMO's maybe, which is probably where the problems arise. In this game's HM's, take out the elite and maybe one strong you have pretty much a standard pack that one DPS would usually solo with a companion during normal game play. They are also usually too spread out for a tanks aoe to hit all. Not to mention normals are usually 2 or 3 hit, so not worth a tanks time hitting them. Following weakest to strongest in current flashpoints will result in the least amount of group damage taken.

Does change a bit in some operations, but I had assumed we weren't talking about them.