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Ah yet another topic about this "elitistic behaviour" of people who have done the same HM FPs too many times. I feel for you OP and I can tell you there have been several threads on about this matter recently as unfortunately the behaviour you just experienced has become a norm around Group Finder generated groups. It's all about skipping as much enemies and bosses as possible and ranting to people who are not familiar with all the possible skipping routes. I have been around since the early access launch and I still enjoy watching voiced conversations and doing the HMs as they are intended, killing all the bosses and nearly all thrash mobs.

I sincerely feel sorry because what has happened to you and I hope you won't let this to affect you too much. Just put those kind or jerks into your ignore-list so Group Finder won't put you into same groups with you anymore. I'm very sad to notice so many people seem to have forgotten we all have been at that point at some point, we all have been doing those HMs in rather poor end game gear for the first times and needed some help and tips how to clear this and that but nowadays it's only vote kicking, whining and calling those people names who are there for their first times and possibly asking for hints and full runs. It's really sad and probably drives other players away leaving only those "busy whining people" to skip with each other, which is not how the game was originally intended to be played. So OP, get your head up and group again, I'm sure you will find groups that are satisfactory!

Thank you sir! You have made my night =)
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