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I don't think that getting stuck is the op's fault. It happens, and if they haven't done it before they don't know the exact right places to go to skip. Really if the group decides that they are going skip everything they should at leat have the courtesy to stick with the new guy so if trash is pulled it can be dealt with easily and not while everyone is spread out. Plus the person could have done T5 a hundred times before trying it as a hm and not know how to skip through everything, so saying that it's the player's responsibility to know how to do this is a little cold.

I dunno why tionese gear wouldn't be good enough ei ther. Especially since it is my understanding that their set bonus is kind of useless (I could be wrong on that one though). Just don't que for LI HM with only tionese without knowing what you're doing and it shouldn't be an issue.

Finally!!! And educated answer!
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