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01.03.2013 , 10:16 PM | #3
When I hit 50, I did not have the same issues as you. Hardmode "manners" means knowing the content and mechanics and asking for advice prior to start when you do not. Learning how to skip trash mobs and minor bosses (which don't drop usuable gear or give exp) is a standard part of play you should get used to.

For accidentally pulling trash mobs or getting stuck on cliffs, that is your fault for not following the leader or making basic mechanics mistake. The right thing to do then would be to apologize for your mistake and ask for help. Most people are pretty understanding if you apologize instead of whining and complaining about left behind.

You should also realize that most people running these have seen the cutscenes many times before. Wouldn't you be impolite on your part to make three other people wait for you? If you want to watch the scenes, go play story mode.

Bottom line is, you are the one who is new to this content. People who refuse to be helpful when you ask politely are ******es, but trying to impose your own expectations on more experienced players is not a good way to get them to behave poitely towards you.