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I've followed all the posts here on fixing it, it's strange for a 5-6 months it was perfect. No issues. Then the past 3 days it's been a nightmare. I'm trying to play it off hopefully to the holidays with the issue. I can't even get on instance 2 of the pub fleet without hitting red bar every 60 seconds. I can't even play anything.
I'm having the same Problem! But my ISP is Shaw, and I'm from the West Coast of BC in Canada. About 3 days ago this lag problem has ruined my experience, along with the rest of the family. Everything else seems to be running fine, but only SWTOR has the problem. I used to always get 50ms, whole last year with the occasional spike which is okay. But now i get 50ms, then 1 red bar to 1500ms every minute. *** is going on. I just don't know how to solve this problem.