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Not sure what else I should type here to stay within the rules other than I suggest that other needs be prioritized ahead of SGRs.
And I'd agree but really, a few lines of dialogue (because that's what they are actually getting) is not "being prioritized" by any stretch of the imagination.

However, I'd like to see you saying the same when they add sitting in chairs to the game.
It's not important in the bigger picture of things, because they need to fix/add a lot of things to be able to say that they are at that point where it's OK to sacrifice resources for such things that are pure fluff and not everyone wants/needs them. I don't. But I'm not going to protest such an addition, because some might find it interesting. Same goes for SGR.
And before you say anything about sitting in chairs being an RP must, keep in mind that having a gay/bisexual character could also be used for RPing

We all have to realize that it's not always about what WE want. Sometimes it's about what other people want.