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For me it comes down to 1 thing in bad PUGs: Some players simply make things harder than just not having them.

I usually tank but lately I've been healing too and the pattern is usually the same. Most are fine but you sometimes get a DPS that:
- Pulls before the tank
- Breaks CC
- Ignore mechanics
- LOS the healer
- Ignore the kill order and get Gold Fever
Almost universally those players also say nothing in chat or get defensive when you try and explain what happened and how to prevent it next time. Amusingly, almost all of those DPS I come across have been Sentinels or Marauders. Now rarely does this cause a wipe but it really annoys me. A bad tank or a bad healer though, that can just wipe a group repeatedly.
You know something funny about this. I have 6 level 50s, but I only recently got around to leveling a Sentinel -- I've oddly enough had no interest until a year into the game.

And despite knowing what to do as a dps, and having 2 end-game healers and 1 end-game tank, I found bad habits creeping in, just due to the Sentinel combat experience.

Get on speeder, drive close to mobs, get <30m range, Force Leap off the speeder kill everything. Once I unlocked doc I'm a faceroll killing machine and I don't have to pay attention to ANYTHING. Kill order, rotation, priorities, defensive cooldowns, enemy debuffs, etc. are completely unnecessary.

Get back on speeder, drive near next mob, Force Leeeeeeeeeeap!

I know similar things could be said about other classes while leveling, but the seems exacerbated with the Sentinel playstyle.

After 50 levels of Force Leap/Faceroll playing, I think I'll be surprised at any Sentinel that knows the definition of the word "restraint"