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01.03.2013 , 12:26 PM | #18
Jedi Sage / Sorcerer, despite being the "mage," is maybe the easiest class to use. "Force lightning/force lightning/force lightning" is a totally effective rotation, and you'll never run out of force mana that way.

With healing, you can always heal your companions and basically win a fight that way, and it's not complicated. You have simple tools to never die in single-player content. Bubble/heal once, and the boss is basically defeated. I one-shotted every boss in the game, even avatar of sel-makor and guys designed to kill you once or twice at the very least.

Bubble/heal/cc on heroics, and you're the MVP (heroics should be 25% of the game, I think.) Going from sorcerer to gunslinger, I feel kind of helpless during heroics and flashpoints. If we don't have a sage, it becomes that much harder, and somebody might die on every pull. When you're the sage, no problem. Healing is really not complicated--and it's insurance against anything single-player or multiplayer throws at you.