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01.03.2013 , 11:01 AM | #17
I'm with everyone else here that's recommending Stealth and here's the reason why:

In any RPG there are just going to be some of those areas that I call "Pound of Flesh" areas. I call them that because it takes about a pound of flesh in order to get anywhere. These areas- no matter what the game is always go- take two steps... major fight.... heal up..... take two steps.... major fight.... heal up.... crud, can't quit because I'm in the middle of freaking nowhere... take two steps... whaddya mean the flipping medibay is twenty minutes of fighting back there?!!!.....

Yeah. Anyone who's ever done an RPG knows that area.

Needless to say that they are always a PITA and a major grind. Now, usually, in most RPGs I've played the Stealth classes wind up a bit under-leveled because the back-game always assumes that you have barreled through those areas like Sherman's March and gained all of that XP from them. SWTOR on the other hand takes this into account and so provides the Bonus Missions on various planets that makes up for that. So... Recommendation?

Anything with stealth and do the bonuses. Because you can zip through the boring areas thus spending far less time "Street sweeping" in those annoyingly brutal areas and more time doing actual content for the same XP and still remain on track the entire way.