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Another example of why I prefer rolling solo...

Despite me saying I wouldn't group with people (which I have turned down a few requests recently because there was no formal request to group), I accepted an invite while facing a champion and immediately regretted it.

On Quesh, there is the champion that Imperial players can face not far from the Imperial speeder area. I was in the area and had already beat him by myself and decided to try to farm some loot/credits/exp from him. I noticed another person healing off in the corner after facing him but figured he would just stand by and watch until it was over. Well as soon as I sent Ashara after him (this is on my Sorc healer) he jumps in (a jugg) and starts attacking the champion. I see the npc is now locked, so I called Ashara back and jumped off the side to wach this guys demise lol. Well he starts losing and decides to run and gets away from the champion. I figure I'll go ahead and take him out now. I go up, send Ashara in and again this idiot jumps in but sends me an invite almost immediately.
I'm like whatever and accept the invite but soon start thinking, this guy is gonna ninja the loot. At this point tho, I'm into the fight so I just keep going and after a bit we kill him. A purple epic mod pops up and the first thing he does is need the mod So now I'm really beginning to get steam, and I need the loot as well and he winds up winning the roll Stupidity on my part and the reason why I roll solo People can be real douches in this game.
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