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01.02.2013 , 07:16 PM | #1
Last night I purchased the Cartel Market Unlock, unlock additional cargo bay (account wide), since I was able to find one for a good price on the GTN.

Upon using it with the character I purchased it with, it unlocked the 5th cargo bay tab on that character.

Now here comes the the problem.

When I logged into the other characters on my account on that server (harbinger), I found out that not only did each character NOT have an additional cargo bay tab unlocked. But that each character had the last active cargo bay tab REMOVED. All the items what where in those bays where then mailed back to me, with the header "account downgrade".

After closing out the game and restarting it, the missing cargo bays that had been removed were back. But the additional cargo bay from the unlock had still not been applied to any character (and was in fact missing from the character that used the unlock).

So, any insight as to what would have caused this to happen? And when (if ever) I can expect the cargo bay unlock to be correctly applied to my account?